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About - Arizona Indian Nurses Association

During the Nurses week of 2020, the National Association of Indian Nurses (NAINA) released a survey to find the Diaspora of Indian Nurses and their contribution to the United States health care system. The survey came around and caught the attention of a couple of nurses in an Indian NP WhatsApp group in Arizona. Many Indian Nurses seek to join an organization, yet none was present in Arizona. Gradually, a group of like-minded people, inspired by the survey, collaborated about forming a state chapter for NAINA in Arizona. 

Though many of the nurses were distressed due to the pandemic, when approached with this idea the response was astonishing! More than 100 nurses, under 10 days assembled in a virtual platform! Though COVID 19 separated us through social distancing, the Arizona Indian Nurses felt the need to come closer than ever. As the enthusiasm grew, more nurses heard about the group, and the numbers grew rapidly to 140! 

In July 2020, Year of the Nurse, Arizona Indian Nurses Association (AZINA) was formed with the purpose of empowering all nurses of Asian Indian origin for their personal and professional growth while contributing their best to promoting a healthy Arizona. AZINA also intended to make the Asian Indian nurses more visible as leaders of healthcare systems nationally and internationally.

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